About Green Quality

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About the Green Quality VISION

Green Quality is a nutraceutical company, born of a passion for affordable health care and with a dedication to the various health care practitioners who care for and manage all who seek optimum health.

Green Quality focuses on the common goal of the use of quality patented ingredients, complementary formulations and effective treatment regimes.

Green Quality focuses on four key areas of service and partnership with the various health care practitioners who stock Green Quality products.

  • Only for Registered Practitioners
  • Partnership
  • New Formulas
  • Grow and Gain


Only available to registered practitioners

The first of these is our pledge to make the Green Quality products available EXCLUSIVELY to the dispensing practitioner.

With this pledge comes the guarantee that Green Quality products will be recognised as the practitioners own brand and will not be available through online wellness suppliers or over the counters at health shops, pharmacies or the like.

With this promise the practitioner can market and dispense Green Quality products from his or her dispensary, allowing patients to make use of and have access to the Green Quality brand through their family practitioner only.

Forming a partnership

Our second area of focus is to form a partnership with the practitioner and in so doing providing them with premium quality patented products that are safe and effective.

Our products are manufactured by experienced manufacturers in highly sought after GMP environments with the assurance of their expertise, and with unique, well-balanced formulations.

These premium formulations are designed by the South African practitioner with the South African patient and climate in mind.

Help us develop new formulas

Thus, making our third commitment to attaining a system where practitioners making use of the Green Quality brands, contribute and provide input on our formulas as well as suggest new ones.

These new formulations may be for items not yet in our arsenal or suggestions as to the formulation of existing products.

In so doing we strive to grow the Green Quality brand to encompass a full range of products for all areas of health with the guidance and input of Green Quality dispensing practitioners.

Grow and gain from high returns

Lastly, while bearing the first three Green Quality goals in mind, our fourth goal is to provide a high-quality product at a price that allows for high margins of return for the Green Quality dispensing practitioner.

With this, Green Quality aims to help bridge the gap between industry and the Green Quality patient thus providing top quality products at affordable, cost effective price to the patient, while allowing the practitioner the potential to grow and gain from these higher returns.

This concept of maximising return to the practitioner is new to the South African nutraceutical market and makes Green Quality the ‘go to’ for dispensing practitioners, giving them the winning edge.

Who We Are

Our Team

Lana Kotze

Lana Kotze



Lana Kotze is the owner and brainchild of Green Quality. She is a qualified dietician and studied homeopathy at Wits Technikon and has many years of experience in sales and marketing in the industry. She identified a need for a range of effective bulk products, with high quality ingredients and backed by peer-reviewed studies specifically for homeopaths to dispense.

Lana is the general manager and has an open-door policy. Doctors are welcome to contact her directly for suggestions on new products, information or to enquire about the ingredients of any of our products.

Maxwell Smith

Maxwell Smith



Maxwell Smith is Lana Kotze’s right hand at the office. He studied accounting at the University of Stellenbosch and has been in the financial industry for almost a decade.

Maxwell processes orders, handles customer account queries and is responsible to implement administrative and accounting systems at Green Quality.

You welcome to contact him.

Jeanine Frost

Jeanine Frost



Jeanine Frost is Green Quality’s sales representative in Gauteng. She did her National Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sales Representation and she has a keen interest in the homeopathy industry. She launched her career at Green Quality under the watchful eye and guidance of Lana Kotze.

Doctors are welcome to book a visitation from Jeanine for an in-person discussion of our product range.

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Green Quality prides itself on being one of the very few nutraceutical brands world wide that is ONLY available to the public through suitably registered and qualified Medical and Allied Health Practitioners. The range of products cannot be sold in a retail environment nor advertised for sale on the Internet.